Chela-Mag B6®
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The Chela-Mag B6®, Therm Line® and Gold Omega 3® preparations by Olimp Laboratories have once again been recognised by pharmacists, who considered them as the most worthy to recommend to patients.

The "Product of the Year" title is awarded based on a survey conducted among Polish pharmacists by the Apteka Publishing House (Wydawnictwo Apteka Sp. z o.o.). The latest survey results indicated the winning medical products and OTC drugs (available without a prescription) that have been awarded the "Product of the Year 2015" title.   
The aim of the Apteka Publishing House is on the one hand to recognise the products, which in the view of pharmacists deserve it, and on the other hand – to help pharmacists and familiarise them with the constantly expanding OTC market.

The Gold Omega 3® dietary supplement remained in first place in the category of "Preparations with omega acids", as did Therm Line® in the category of "Slimming preparations".
What's new is that the Chela-Mag B6® dietary supplement took first place in the category of "Preparations with magnesium".

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