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Arthroblock Forte
Arthroblock ® forte - a food supplement that contains a complex of ingredients such as ginger, ..
65 GEL
CALCIUM D3 Forte is a food supplement in the form of film-coated tablets, containing a high dose of ..
18 GEL
Chela-Mag B6 Cramp
FOR THE CORRECT FUNCTIONING OF MUSCLES Chela-Mag B6® cramp contains a highly-absorbable fo..
Chela-Mag B6 Mother
PLANNING - PREGNANCY - BREAST- FEEDING The product designed especially for pregnant and lactati..
Flexagen Forte
Flexagen Forte — კოპლექსური დანამატი სახსრებისა და იოგებისთვის.   მის შემადგენლობაში ..
55 GEL
Folic Acid 400 µg
Folic Acid 400 µg is a food supplement in the form of tablets containing folic acid which contr..
Gold-Vit B Forte
Gold-Vit B™ Forte - is a food supplement in the form of tablets with a complex of B vitamins th..
12 GEL
Gold-Vit C 1000 forte
NEXT-GENERATION VITAMIN C Gold-Vit C® 1000 Forte is a food supplement which contains a next-gen..
24 GEL
Gold-Vit D Max 2000 IU
Gold-Vit™ D MAX is a food supplement available in the form of Flow Caps; it has a high content of vi..
25 GEL
Vita-Min Plus
Vita-min plus®         Composition of vitamins, amino acid chelates, l..
20 GEL
VITA-Min Plus for Women
VITALITY EVERY DAYVita-min plus ® for Women is an innovative, comprehensive combination of vita..
20 GEL
Vita-Min Plus Mother
Vita-min plus® Mother is an innovative and complex composition of vitamins and highly absorbable min..
25 GEL
Vita-Min Plus Senior
VITALITY EVERY DAYVita-min plus® senior is a vitamin and mineral supplement enriched with lutei..