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Cryopush - Cold and Comprehension System + Accessories

The Cryopush compression and cold system contributes to the recovery of patients and athletes, accelerating and improving the recovery process

Cryopush provides greater therapeutic benefits than the application of static ice, the application of compression stimulates the body's natural recovery process.

How does Cryopush work?

The cold acts instantaneously, the active compression allows to obtain greater benefits than the sole use of static cryotherapy.

The garments anatomically wrap the limb of the body and the compression acts to mold the cover to the contours of the body, achieving a better contact surface and improving the cooling of the affected area, supplying the cold in a more effective and lasting way.

It offers a faster return to normal activity and improves your experience during the recovery process.

Properties and Benefits of Cryotherapy

Using water and ice, it cools the tissue of the desired injured area to reduce edema, muscle spasms, swelling and pain, thanks to its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. It slows down cellular metabolism, reduces secondary tissue damage and promotes recovery. You can anesthetize a muscle or joint for a certain period of time.

Compression Properties and Benefits

Compression therapy is used to provide even pressure around the desired area, mechanically reducing the amount of space available for inflammation to accumulate, thereby increasing lymphatic flow and decreasing swelling.

Ergonomic design

It combines a portable control unit with a range of ergonomic double action, compression and cold garments.

Simple interface

Simplified user controls, it has 9 preset programs, with time and compression settings.

Portable structure

Easy lightweight system to transport anywhere.

It includes:

- Cold machine

- Power adapter

- Transport and storage bag

- Connection hose

- Transport bag

- Available garments (to choose): Knee, back, shoulders and ankle

Technical specifications:

AC power: 100-240V, 50/60 Hz

DC output: 12V / 2A

Pressure level: 60mmHg-120mmHg. Represents the pressure generated by the garment (circulating water) against the system in use. Divided into 3 levels: Low-Mid-High.

Temperature level: 0º C-25ºC (Variable depending on the ice introduced, it indicates temperature in real time within the system)

Sound: less than 50 decibels

Weight: 1.78 kgs empty

Capacity: Maximum 3.6 L

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